New Corporate Branding, Website and Mission Statement


Highland Gold Mining Limited ("Highland Gold" or the "Company", AIM: HGM) today announces the launch of new corporate branding, an updated website, and a new corporate mission statement, all of which are linked to the ATLAS programme for operational excellence currently being rolled out across the Company.

ATLAS, which stands for Assets, Technologies, Leadership and Strengths, is designed to create a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the Company's operations. Assets represent the mines, equipment, tools and software that we use in our work to create value for shareholders. Technologies are the standards, regulations and procedures through which we perform our work in the most effective manner. Leadership comes from our people, who create value by uniting assets and technologies and for whom we encourage teamwork, proactivity, multi-functionality, and delegation of responsibility.

The fourth pillar of ATLAS, Strengths, refers to the goals and values through which we achieve results. Over the course of this year, senior managers from each of our offices and subsidiaries collaborated to outline these strengths and to convert them into a new statement of vision, mission and values. This statement is now available on the new Highland Gold website at

The new website has a cleaner look, easier navigation, and is responsive so as to better adapt to viewing on various types of devices. Moreover, the new platform will make it easier for our communications team to continuously update the site with the latest information to keep investors up-to-date on Highland Gold's operations, shares, and corporate governance.

The website also features our new, modern corporate logo, part of a rebranding effort across all of Highland Gold's offices and operating units. Standardised Company-wide graphics will help promote corporate unity while signalling to our stakeholders that each subsidiary is part of a larger family that spans from Jersey to Chukotka, with a common mission and goals for achieving operational excellence.


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