Kekura has mined the first million cubic meters of rock

Kekura mine, one of Chukotka producing assets of Highland Gold, has mined the first million cubic meters of rock. This result was reached after year and a half of operations, which is relatively fast, given the selective mining method applied at the deposit. A powerful excavator CAT390L with 4.6m³ bucket and three dump trucks CAT773F with 55 tonnes loading capacity were used for material movement.

Another achievement of Kekura was in reduction of dilution from 50% to 29% through introduction of the top-notch technical solutions, such as application of the BMT monitors for tracking of the ore polygons’ displacement and GPS-based bucket positioning system for the excavator.

Denis Ryzhkin, Executive Director of Highland Gold said: “Kekura is priority development project of the Company and 1 million cubic meters of waste rock moved is another evidence that we are on the right track. As on today, all the operations are on schedule and we plan completion of construction of the main processing plant in 2023 for processing of the open pit ore and of middlings (tailings) of the pilot plant”.

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