Identification of Deceased Miners Underway at Darasun


As of 1430hr Moscow time, the bodies of 11 miners have been brought to the surface at Darasun mine and all have been identified. The eleven identified miners are:

Name Date of Birth Profession
Vladimir Kuzmich Aleksencev 20 Aug 1959 Shaft Timberman
Nina Mihailovna Arsenteva 14 Oct 1954 Explosives Storekeeper
Sergey Vladimirovich Dimov 1 Dec 1971 Shafts Manager
Mihail Viktorovich Lopanov 20 Jan 1965 Welder
Nadezhda Antonovna Plotnikova 7 Aug 1961 Magazine Manager
Viktor Ivanovich Putnicev 7 Jan 1962 Shaft Timberman
Nikolay Ivanovich Rychkov 27 Jan 1949 Chief Safety Engineer
Bronnikov S. M. 20 Aug 1955 Miner
Galina Ivanovna Dobrovolskaya 20 Jul 1950 Pump Operator
Natalia Vladimirovna Runova 07 Feb 1977 Pump Operator
Oleg Viktorovich Burdinsky 20 Aug 1955


Twenty-two miners are still unaccounted for and the rescue operations continue unabated.

Highland Gold Mining Ltd Deputy Chairman Ivan Koulakov, said: “The most important issue at this point is to continue with the rescue operations, which have been going on continuously for two days. We are hopeful that we will find survivors. Our specialists are working unabated together with the teams from the Ministry for Emergency Situations and representatives from the Chita Administration. We are grateful to all the Emergency Services personnel for their assistance and support”.

Highland Gold Mining Ltd Managing Director Henry Horne said: “The Board of Directors, the Management and all our employees are in shock about the tragedy that happened at our Darasun Central Shaft. We will do our utmost to provide all the necessary help and support to the families of the deceased. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families and relatives of our deceased colleagues. We also have not given up on the unaccounted miners and are hopeful that we will find survivors.”

The Board of Directors and the Management of Highland Gold Mining Ltd has initiated the following bank accounts for donations to the family of the deceased.

The bank accounts are as follows: Payments in USD and Euro: Current account : 40702840000011389140 in ZAO IMB SWIFT: IMBKRUMM IMB Nostro accounts USD account no. 8900372575 in Bank of New York, New York; Euro account no. 69102336 in Hypovereinsbank AG, Munich ENDS

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