Highland Gold’s wider economic and social contribution is an important focus for the Company and is encapsulated in one of our core values: “Improve others, improve ourselves”.  

We believe that businesses can and should take the initiative when it comes to delivering social projects, particularly in our industry where assets are often located in geographically inaccessible places, resulting in a mutual dependence between communities and companies. A positive contribution through the employment of local people, the payment of taxes, procurement from suppliers and social investment provides us with our license to operate.

Highland Gold works alongside local authorities to prioritise community requirements. We focus our efforts in the areas where we can make the greatest positive contribution and effect lasting change, encompassing education, health, culture and sport.

Each year, the company signs social contracts with municipal administrations in the regions where it operates that lay out a blueprint for assistance in order to fund pressing social needs in the regions.

Our social development programmes often involve infrastructure works including:

  • educational and daycare facilities
  • shared spaces such as parks and playgrounds;
  • cultural and spiritual venues; and
  • sporting and leisure facilities.

We support education either through improvement works or by providing additional resources, training and educational tools.

The Company participates in various national, regional and local charity programmes, and encourages it staff to do the same, often playing active and important roles in and around the communities of the Company’s assets.

The Highland Gold Sustainability Report contains additional details on community programmes and investments conducted over the past year.