The Company expanded its commitment to ensuring occupational safety and managing production risks, as well as training staff and encouraging their personal responsibility at the workplace.

A new health and safety team was assembled last autumn with a view towards improving the implementation of best safety practices across all operations. The key goal is to institute an occupational safety management system that, at its core, is focused on improving employees’ behaviour towards health and safety.

Senior staff from the Moscow management office Russdragmet (33 managers) and from Novo (18 managers) and MNV (19 managers), attended an immersive course entitled “Conscious Safety Management” during the quarter. At Novo, 36 managers, specialists and workers took part in a training course on “Internal Accident Investigation”.

New corporate standards for Internal Incident Investigation, a methodology for Behavioural Safety Audits and rules and regulations for Occupational Safety Committees were developed and are currently going through the approval process. Tools for Behavioural Safety Audits and Leader Bypass were rolled out at Novo and MNV.

These efforts, set to continue and expand in 2017, followed a substantial uptick in Lost Time Incidents (“LTI”) in 2016 to 2.80 from 1.85 the previous year (LTI’s are defined as the number of lost time incidents for every 1,000,000 man hours). Over the course of last year, 14 incidents were recorded across the Company including one fatality, compared to 12 incidents, all with only minor injuries, in 2015. Out of the total, six incidents (five minor and one fatal) occurred at MNV, three were at Belaya Gora, four at Novo and one at Kekura.

Overall, in 2016, safety induction and fire & electrical safety induction (one-day) courses were attended by 1,367 employees. While at work, 176 managers and specialists passed self-tuition courses and testing using OlimpOKS software and were certified on industrial safety (7-30 day programmes).
Auxiliary mine rescue teams are kept ready at mine sites to handle emergency localisation and response.