At Highland Gold, the safety of our employees is our highest priority. We continuously pursue a zero accident safety target by striving to minimise operational risks and providing extensive training programmes.

Guaranteeing the safety and occupational health of all employees and contractors is our duty as a responsible employer. Not only is it a legal requirement, it also ensures the smooth running of our operations by minimising lost time due to injury.

Highland Gold's efforts in the areas of health and safety are guided by the Company's HSE Policy and by a set of Cardinal Safety Rules in effect across all of our operations. Our occupational H&S management system is fully aligned with international certification standards and undergoes internal audits annually, plus external audits as appropriate. The system is aimed at fostering a safety-first culture, and is based on an extensive framework of matrices and strict parameters that must be followed. We seek to foster a culture whereby our staff are always alert to risk, so that they take the correct actions to reduce risk as well as taking responsibility for their colleagues’ and their own safety.

In addition to keeping our workforce safe, we support the general health and well-being of all our employees. With the help of International SOS, we have set up our own medical centres and services at all assets. Health services we provide to all employees include vaccinations, medical checks (including temperature and blood pressure), drugs and alcohol intake monitoring and heart health programmes.

Highland Gold reports regularly on its health and safety performance in each of its quarterly operating reports. More information on how that performance matches up with our H&S strategy is available in the Company's Sustainability Report.

The Highland Gold Safe Driver Training School

In 2019 we opened a new training centre in the town of Nikolaevsk-na-Amure for drivers from MNV and Belaya Gora. This is a Safe Driver Training School for all operators of trucks and mining equipment, and is equipped with numerous simulators of different mining and quarry equipment, such as lifting equipment. Classes are compulsory for all drivers at MNV and Belaya Gora, and will be rolled out this year to drivers across the entire company. The launch of the new school has contributed significantly to a firm-wide increase in automotive safety.