The long-term success and growth of Highland Gold is synonymous with the retention and development of our people. The Company endeavours to operate as a responsible business, and concern for the wellbeing of our staff is central to our core values. Our employees are the most valuable asset we have, and it is only with them and through them that we can unlock the value of our mines.  

Highland Gold aims to provide employees with long-term and rewarding careers. Working in a highly competitive labour market, the Company employs a number of strategies to attract and retain a skilled and dedicated workforce. We invest heavily in the training and well-being of employees to unlock their full potential, to keep them from harm, and to encourage them in their career development. The Company offers its team members competitive, and often premium-based, remuneration packages.

Training, both compulsory and optional, is provided to staff at all levels of seniority.  All new employees receive induction training, including an introduction to health and safety regulations and procedures. This is followed by training on the Company’s mission and values.  On-site mentoring and on-the-job learning is provided and employees are encouraged to take advantage of specialised refresher courses.   

In 2019, Highland Gold established Workers’ Councils” at each of its operating assets. These councils gather any feedback, questions and issues to raise for the management. Bi-monthly meetings are held between the councils, the managing directors of the mines and the regional managing directors for a feedback exchange and to discuss critical areas for improvement. The councils are also expected to meet semi-annually with the Company's chief executive officer.

In order to attract and identify young talent into our sector, we have set up partnerships with three universities, Zabaikalskiy Mining College, Nikolaevsk Industrial-Humanitarian College, and Irkutsk National Research Technical University working to provide internship and apprenticeship opportunities for around 75 students each year.  We offer full education sponsorship for the young talent who show a real commitment and aptitude for our industry, supporting the next generation of mining leaders through their higher education.

To help retain qualified staff and improve their quality of life, the Company is investing heavily in upgrades to accommodations and facilities for shift workers, improving catering services, providing health care, and supporting sports and other well-being initiatives.